• Whether gas or biogas, from 130 kWe to 4,300 kWe we install Caterpillar generator sets that meet your heating, cooling or power needs.
  • We offer a complete line of gas generator sets adapted for any type of gas with outputs from 130 kWe to 4,300 kWe.
  • Caterpillar gas and biogas generator sets are suited to a variety of applications. Our testimonials prove it.

Gas generator sets : smart power solutions

From the most basic to the most complex installations, we provide all of the power and resources needed to complete your project and guarantee the reliability of our products, installations and services.

Eneria’s experts are at your service

Whether it calls for simply providing a gas generating set or completely installing a cogeneration plant, our business engineers will meet the needs of your project :

  • Advising: assessing current and future energy needs, study financing in association with energy consumption and installation research, environmental specifications, etc.
  • Starting production: administrative and grid connection procedures, installation and start-up in accordance with deadlines and environmental procedures, operations management for electrical and heating/cooling equipment, training, etc.
  • Maintenance: contractual support, ongoing service, contractual guarantees, etc.

Our technicians and business engineers have all the resources necessary to install your system and guarantee long-term performance and safety.

As an exclusive Caterpillar dealer, Eneria designs and builds your turnkey power systems. From cogeneration of heat and electricity to biogas power generation, we have solid experience both in project management and in specific technologies.

We offer a complete range of gas or biogas generator sets with outputs from 130 kWe to 4,300 kWe for a solution tailored to your needs in terms of heating, cooling, electric power or energy savings.

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