• Our activities are based on a wide range of occupations, which call for an equally wide range of skills and profiles
  • The values that inspire our employees every day are embedded in the corporate culture of each company in Monnoyeur.
  • Our commitments are the central focus of our corporate history and the core strength of our day-to-day activities.
  • We are committed to integrating and retaining our employees as we help them develop and hone their skills.

Our teams: diversity and flexibility

With 800 employees, Eneria has a particularly strong presence in France but is developing its businesses in Algeria, Belgium, Poland and Romania.

We have 550 employees working nationwide in France in our 9 regional subsidiaries and at our corporate headquarters in Montlhéry.


  • 30% women (excluding our team of technicians)
  • 1/3 of engineers and managers
  • 40% of our technicians making field calls to our customer’s facilities every day
  • 45% of our workforce is employed outside the capital

Creativity and expertiset

Our teams combine the creative talents of our new hires with the expertise of our veteran employees.

  • Average age of 39
  • 35% of our employees are less than 35 years of age
  • Average years of service: 10 years
  • 39% of our employees were hired less than 5 years ago.

An environment that encourages change

We are committed to helping all our employees develop. A new skills evaluation process has just been introduced. The goal? To better understand and assess the skills available within the company to prepare our teams for future projects and to help our employees develop professionally. All employees have annual performance reviews in which they can exchange ideas with their managers.

  • 93% of our employees were reviewed in 2012

Internal promotion encouraged

Promoting from within allows us to acknowledge the skills of each of our employees, inject momentum into their professional development and, at the same time, encourage cross-business collaboration.

  • 37 % of vacant positions nationwide were filled through internal transfers and promotions.

Day-to-day support and encouragement

Versatile continuing education is a key strength that enables Eneria to maintain a high level of expertise among its technicians by keeping them informed about the latest technical developments and technological advances in our products.

  • More than half of our employees receive training each year
  • More than 10,000 hours of training provided