• We offer solutions that can improve every aspect of your business, enabling you to work faster and more productively than ever before.
  • Thanks to our oil analysis programme, we help customers analyse, predict and take informed decisions on maintenance needs.
  • We offer you a complete range of maintenance service and support for our engines and generator sets.
  • Whatever your needs, our business engineers and technicians are standing by to serve you

An organisation designed to deliver excellence

The excellence of Eneria’s multi-brand Service & Maintenance relies on a pool of technical, logistical and commercial expertise that makes Eneria the preferred partner of its customers.

Excellence and convenience

Excellence and convenience are the two key features of our maintenance service.

  • Our 250 technicians are fully trained and equipped with top-of-the line diagnostic tools to carry out maintenance operations.
  • Our technicians rely on a robust logistical network of 9 regional workshops designed for conducting major component service.
  • All our customers benefit from Monnoyeur’s proven logistics thanks to our advanced logistical platform in Saint-Denis, with more than 300,000 products in inventory and offering 24-hour express delivery.
  • Thanks to our oil analysis programme, we help customers analyse, predict and make informed maintenance decisions.
  • Rebuilding your engine or engine components as they approach the end of their service life at our ISO 9001-certified Rebuild Centre offers you an economically attractive alternative to buying new equipment.
  • All our employees are fully trained at our certified training centre to maintain and maximise the life of your equipment. We can also train your employees how best to use your machines.
  • For your more demanding applications, we offer a maintenance agreement with a performance and availability guarantee.