• We offer you a wide range of Caterpillar diesel engines in many different versions designed for industrial or railway applications.
  • We offer you the complete line of Caterpillar diesel engines in many different versions.
  • Our Caterpillar industrial engines are suited to many fields. Our testimonials prove it.

Industrial and rail engines: at the heart of the machine

Engines are at the heart of any machine and must be perfectly tailored to the work proposed. The most inventive projects deserve the most suitable engine. Eneria suggests you choose Caterpillar engines to ensure the success of your project. They possess all the assets the brand represents: longevity, reliability, effectiveness and performance.

We conduct studies on installing and adapting Caterpillar engines designed for machines used in most kinds of applications such as agriculture, material handling, road transport, public works, mining, railways, etc.

Categories for engine power, weight and size, as well as many other features, form the basis of our products.

From studying operating costs to analysing all of your specifications,

  • We help you choose the engine that best suits your needs, while always respecting the environment.
  • We determine and supply all the features needed to customise our products and ensure they comply with environmental rules (UIC 623 or ORE).
  • We provide impeccable post-sales service through our technicians located all over France and abroad.