• Whatever your business or application, we guarantee availability and fast delivery of your spare parts.
  • Caterpillar parts are built for durability, reliability, productivity, reuse and less environmental impact.
  • With our reconditioned and remanufactured products, you get as-new quality at a reduced cost.
  • Thousands of available Caterpillar parts are detailed in the "Your Reliable Dealer" catalogue

Services & Agreements: our support

With Standard Exchange Parts, repairs are instant!

Echange standardCaterpillar equipment is designed to last.

To protect your investment, maximise service life and preserve resale value, Eneria offers you a wide range of equipment components available as Standard Exchange Parts.

When the time comes, you can quickly and easily replace aging components to maintain high performance.

With our rebuilt products you get same-as-new parts at a substantially lower cost. The business has been ISO 9001certified since 2000

Reman Parts: the experience of a leader!

Logo Cat RemanCaterpillar offers an extensive range of remanufactured parts for its entire range of engines.

Every engine component is available. These components, reconditioned by the manufacturer, carry the same warranty as new parts: 6 months.

Just like Eneria Standard Exchange, the condition of the returned part determines the Reman cost. This is easily determined by employing visual acceptance criteria that require no disassembly.

You have the option of ordering a Reman part as a spare part and taking advantage of our network logistics.

Convenient ordering, quick delivery, same-as-new parts at a fraction of new cost.

Why choose a Customer Support Agreement?

You’ve chosen a Caterpillar engine for its high quality, performance and durability. Timely and stringent maintenance helps you control costs and improve availability right from the start while maximising the uptime and long-term performance of your equipment.

Some of the good reasons for choosing Eneria Customer Support Agreements :

  • Quality scheduled maintenance
  • Provision of the right tools and logistics
  • Use of original parts
  • Speedy service
  • Predictive maintenance

Thanks to our agreements, Eneria can meet all these demands by concentrating the resources at its disposal on managing the equipment covered by the agreement–guaranteed.