• Our activities are based on a wide range of occupations, which call for an equally wide range of skills and profiles
  • The values that inspire our employees every day are embedded in the corporate culture of each company in Monnoyeur.
  • Our commitments are the central focus of our corporate history and the core strength of our day-to-day activities.
  • We are committed to integrating and retaining our employees as we help them develop and hone their skills.

The strength of our commitments

Three key principles guide Eneria and motivate our teams: technical skill, cross-business collaboration and safety.

 Technical skill

As Caterpillar’s exclusive dealer in France, Eneria benefits from the world-renowned quality of Caterpillar engines. Technical skill is central to the work we do in embedded technologies (mechanical, electrical and electronic).

It is the right combination of Caterpillar’s research and development resources and our expert, proactive engineers. This is how we are able to offer our customers turnkey solutions underpinned by world-class products.

Cross-business collaboration

Cross-business collaboration has characterised our relationship with Caterpillar for more than 80 years. It is apparent in the feedback we receive from our contacts and drives our organisation.

We rely on team spirit, a project-centred approach to our work and sharing our experiences to further our development, sharpen the skills of our teams and deliver first-rate support to our customers.

Cross business collaboration



As part of their responsibilities, Eneria teams serve multiple customer locations with diverse profiles and activities. Because we deploy our technicians to ships, chemical plants and oil platforms, it is our duty to ensure that our teams comply with and enforce established standards for health, safety and working conditions.

Safety campain

To ensure that safety remains ingrained in our daily activities, we are committed to:

  • Promoting an in-house culture of safety
  • Ensuring the safety of our employees and our partners
  • Reducing the number of accidents by managing risks and eliminating hazardous situations
  • Analysing accidents to draw useful lessons
  • Complying with regulatory requirements.

32% of all training hours are dedicated to safety.

Eneria is working toward acquiring MASE (Manuel d’amélioration sécurité des entreprise or Manual for the improvement of company safety) certification. This industry initiative aims to improve plant safety.