• We offer solutions that can improve every aspect of your business, enabling you to work faster and more productively than ever before.
  • Thanks to our oil analysis programme, we help customers analyse, predict and take informed decisions on maintenance needs.
  • We offer you a complete range of maintenance service and support for our engines and generator sets.
  • Whatever your needs, our business engineers and technicians are standing by to serve you

Workshops and Engineering Consulting

Workshop: Specialisation and technical skill

Whether you need preventative maintenance or emergency repairs, you can bring your components to our specialised workshops.

Our teams have all the necessary facilities and products meeting Caterpillar standards to service your engines. Engines, as well as generator sets, are meticulously inspected on our test cell. If needed, special tools allow us to correctly carry out repairs.

Our employees receive continuous training in Caterpillar and Eneria technologies.

Engineering consulting: toward tailored solutions.

Our business engineers are standing ready to listen to your concerns, assemble the data necessary to examine your project, define your energy requirements and simulate the potential savings you can expect so that we can identify the appropriate technical solution with you.

Our teams are perfectly familiar with all the techniques deployed to build a power station.