• We offer our customers comprehensive, competitively priced and environmentally friendly solutions that meet their power generation and engine needs.
  • As Caterpillar's exclusive dealer in France and in several other countries, we provide sales, service and maintenance of generator sets, UPS and motors.
  • Like its sister companies Bergerat Monnoyeur, Aprolis and Magellan, Eneria is a member of Monnoyeur.
  • On the forefront of renewable energy and energy efficiency, we are well-positioned to address energy transition issues.

Working together for sustainable development

Eneria is committed to reducing workplace hazards though environmental, health and safety solutions.

The environment is at the heart of our business

As a Caterpillar dealer in France, Eneria offers more and more diesel engines equipped with Advanced Combustion Emission Reduction Technology (ACERT). This Caterpillar proprietary technology massively reduces NOx emissions, noise levels, odours and fumes at start-up, while saving on fuel consumption. Equipped with this technology, our engines are more productive, effective and efficient, thereby reducing the environmental impact of our customers.

We have been the French leader in cogeneration for more than 10 years. This highly-efficient solution saves primary energy compared to producing electricity (power stations) and heat (boilers) separately.

Active in the wind power sector since 2002, we involved throughout the anaerobic digestion industry. We are currently positioning ourselves in newly emerging biogas markets under the framework of the Grenelle environmental forum. We are working in close collaboration with Eneria-REN, our subsidiary dedicated to renewable energies.

Our sustainable development initiatives

All of our activities are in line with Monnoyeur‘s sustainable development strategy, which sets out economic performance objectives of coupled with environmental performance objectives.

Our initiativesSustainable development