• We offer our customers comprehensive, competitively priced and environmentally friendly solutions that meet their power generation and engine needs.
  • As Caterpillar's exclusive dealer in France and in several other countries, we provide sales, service and maintenance of generator sets, UPS and motors.
  • Like its sister companies Bergerat Monnoyeur, Aprolis and Magellan, Eneria is a member of Monnoyeur.
  • On the forefront of renewable energy and energy efficiency, we are well-positioned to address energy transition issues.

Locations in France and abroad

With 800 employees, Eneria is primarily based in France but is also developing its businesses in Algeria, Belgium, Poland and Romania.

Eneria in France

From system design to maintenance, Eneria’s 550 employees in France are specialists in their market segments. They are client-focused and offer comprehensive and competitively priced solutions meeting their power or engine needs.

They draw on an established network of nine regional locations and 250 technicians.

Eneria’s corporate headquarters in Montlhéry has 5,600 m2 in office space and machine shops spread over 4 ha. There we have established a central hub for our services, comprising an engineering department, a technical department, several assembly shops and an 8,000 kW test cell.


Eneria Worldwide

Eneria is growing its business and exporting its know-how with emphasis on four countries :

  • In Algeria , the energy sector, associated with large petroleum and gas reserves and the population’s electricity distribution needs, is enjoying robust growth, underpinned by our expertise.
  • In Belgium , energy is a cutting-edge sector, particularly in the areas of cogeneration and gasification where our expertise stands out.
  • La Poland and Roumania, are very active in the areas of marine engines, due to their large shipyards, and locomotive refitting, given the need to reconfigure the entire rail system. Oil is also an important area: the assembly and production of oil rigs is one of the traditional activities, particularly in Romania. Cogeneration and renewable energy is a growing industry in both countries. Anaerobic digestion and biomass gasification are areas in which we are striving to become major players in both countries.